Give Change, Make Change

This special initiative raises funds for both County 4-H programs and the NYS 4-H Foundation, while highlighting the positive impacts that 4-H has on youth. Friends of 4-H are asked to:

Give their “change” – to help make a positive “change” for our 4-H youth. Coins are collected in special collection jars, and by dropping them int he hyperbolic funnel at fairs and special events.

Funds collected are split 50-50 between the County 4-H program and the 4-H Foundation.

Give Change, Make Change is a great way to:

  • Increase awareness of 4-H activities in your community
  • Involve youth in the fundraising process
  • Recruit volunteers and potential donors
  • Raise money for your 4-H program

Tips for Success

  • Take cans and the funnel to events–fundraisers, competitions and fairs
  • Display cans at local businesses for the summer–ask employers to “match” employee gifts!
  • Ask to present 4-H information to employees during their lunch hour or break for added impact.

Don’t Forget the Funnel!

The hyperbolic funnel is a great addition to your county fair, mall displays or other 4-H events and can be used as a tool in your Science, Engineering & Technology programming. The funnel is housed in Syracuse, New York. To reserve the funnel, obtain Give Change, Make Change collection cans, contact the Foundation office at or Give Change, Make Change