Project Timing: Summer 2014, Summer 2015
Funder: Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund
Area: NYC

According to the U.S. Census, 80% of the U.S. population is urbanized with access to green space varying dramatically from city to city. Youth who are not exposed to the environment in their own communities or in school cannot grasp the importance of environmental stewardship for our future or fully connect with their communities. 

Starting in 2014, National 4-H Council and Disney began collaborating with the NY 4-H Program to provide funding to deliver high-quality experimental programming to empower urban youth to explore nature and the outdoors. Youth explore how organisms interact with the environment and how to address environmental issues, such as air and water quality, and how to sustain the ecology. We are one of 8 states to participate in this collaboration.

“Youth today will be our planet’s caretakers tomorrow and it is our responsibility to prepare them now.

About the National program:

In 2014 National 4-H Council (Council), five Land Grant Universities and the Disney Worldwide  Conservation Fund (Disney) collaborated to empower urban youth to explore nature and the outdoors impacting 2,134 youth across seven major markets – far exceeding the goal of 800.  (The National 4-H) Council and Disney are pleased to collaborate for the second year of 4-H Connecting Youth to Nature. The 4-H Connecting Youth to Nature program will deliver high-quality experiential programming to 8,700 urban youth across eight states – five existing (CA, FL, HI, NY, and TX) and three new (CT, NC, and SC). Four of these states will be selected to incorporate a “Teens as Teachers” model which will place older youth in leadership roles in 4-H clubs, camps and other appropriate delivery modes.


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